Private Equity

Each year, we select a few projects that we want to be successful as a result of the added value  they
offer, the degree of maturity of decision-making, or the sector and knowledge we have of that sector. We
carry out the entire operation from preparation and evaluation to support post-takeover.

Access to capital / equity

  • Our role consists in bringing capital access at the different stages of your project or the company’s life. Market fluctuations, growth and challenges do require other sources of financing than traditional banking system. Our invest expert network, business angels and other actors will help to find the right solutions.
  • Our network extends beyond Europe and goes all over the world, in United States or Asia (China / India)

A rigorous approach

  • Our company will bring the necessary discipline which is sometimes missing. Through their growth, companies will face different challenges and the sufficient rigor can be brought by our teams.


  • Besides capital and financing access, our company brings you some management skills. They are asked by investors who pump money in those companies. These skills and resources are another asset for you.

A network

  • Working with us means also to open yourself to an very dense international network and associated skills. We can connect you with industry leaders and accelerate your growth.

A global view

  • Our final objective is to bring the company to the highest point and never stop bringing value into it. Thanks to our support, companies do grow faster and stronger.